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Based On The Prize-Winning Screenplay

Successful, handsome, well-liked, and having a hot affair with his secretary, Roxanne, Louisiana attorney, Myles Pane, seems to have it all. If a tragedy hadn’t stolen some of his memories, he wouldn’t have a problem in the world. 

Problems, however, do arise. After Myles and Roxanne have a stormy breakup, a beautiful, mysterious newcomer in town, Angelique, eases his pain. Before long, Myles is lost in her sizzling seduction while Roxanne fights to win him back. 

Still, all is not what it appears to be. When passion and betrayal mix, it makes a dangerous combination. A series of dramatic events will not only expose Myles’s hidden memories, but the truth about the two women who love him. But just when he thinks life has revealed its biggest surprises, it presents the finale. A shocking family secret comes to light, which shows Myles the depths of evil.


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