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After a friend’s treachery left her life in shambles, sultry Mori Labron is once again doing what she loves—making beautiful music. At the vacation getaway Madera Beach, crowds rave about her silky voice and soulful songs. When her talent attracts record mogul Bryce Richards, not only does Mori receive a lucrative record contract, but she feels a strong connection to her fine, new boss. There is just one problem. He has a fiancée named Rasheeda Lee. She is the woman who ruined Mori’s life.

Self-made millionaire Bryce Richards treads dangerous territory when he makes Mori's dreams come true and infuriates his future bride, Rasheeda. Because of their intricate past, the two women hate each other. But as disturbing events unfold and Bryce discovers who each woman really is, his body grows cold for one of them, and hot for the other.

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