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Amara Hart, a former real estate agent with dwindling finances, is forced to find work as a nude model for a university art class. The last person she wants to see among the art students is her ex-boyfriend's best friend and business partner, Bryce Davidson.


Amara hides her embarrassment to have succumbed to a job she is not proud of, just as well as she hides her heated attraction to sexy Bryce. An unexpected and dire situation places her in Bryce's mansion for one night, which becomes the beginning of desire unlike either of them has ever known.


Bryce, an intelligent real estate mogul, is like a brother to Terrence Johnson, Amara's ex. He knows he is playing with fire as he loses himself in the arousing pleasures of sensuous Amara, a woman Terrence continues to obsess over.


Still, Bryce cannot live without the ecstasy he and Amara share. Will he choose his thriving business partnership and longtime friendship over passionate and fiery love? But when he discovers Terrence's dark side- a dark side that may lead to murder, will Bryce even have to choose between the two?

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