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Images of Ecstasy - Final Cover 2Kindle.

Whenever magazine publisher Shay Hilton saw District Attorney Braxton Steele in the media, his sinful sexiness stirred up longing that she didn't even know she could feel. After all, her ex-fiance's cruel drama had hardened her heart. But when she meets the gorgeous lawyer, their encounter is sexually tense and unforgettable. That is, until, Shay's ex is murdered in her penthouse. She becomes a suspect. Braxton is the prosecutor. 

When a snowstorm traps Shay in Braxton's mansion, he tries to resist his hot blooded urges to connect with the beautiful murder suspect in ways that have nothing to do with the law. Feeling something for Shay that he has never felt before, Braxton is tempted to compromise his position and succumb to the red-heat between them. Will he offer his desirable house guest just a bed for the night, or something much more? And will he protect her . . . when a killer comes after her?

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