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if loving you is wrong cover.jpg

Things are looking up for Simi Mitchell. After years as a struggling screenwriter and the recent pain of a bitter divorce, she's finally hit pay dirt--a major studio has bought her screenplay for a feature film. As if that weren't enough, the man

who's directing it--Jackson Larimore is unbelievably sexy. But maybe Simi's 

attraction is more trouble than it is worth. The last thing she needs is to get hurt by a man once again.

Now, that a longtime girlfriend and Jackson have agreed to be just friends, he

wants to focus solely on his film career. Until, that is, he meets sensuous and 

beautiful Simi. When he starts revising her screenplay with her, he stumbles

on something that isn't in the script--his powerful feelings for her. But their new

love is about to be put to the test when Simi's ex husband is the victim of an

attack--and Simi is the prime suspect.  

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