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When a steamy encounter with an older man leads to his accidental murder, Angelle Cahill can’t stop blaming herself. Fortunately, time heals the deepest of wounds. Once Angelle reclaims her life and pursues her dream, she meets a super sexy entrepreneur, Linc Davis. 

As they grow close and reach the erotic heights of passion, there is one person who threatens their bliss—Linc’s friend, Pope. A drug dealer with a long rap sheet, his lustful stares at Angelle, gives her sinister vibrations. She warns Linc to cut ties with him. 

Linc is working hard to build his real estate empire, but he is working even harder to give pleasure to Angelle’s beautiful body. Their soul connection and passionate love are spices of life, which he can’t bear to let go of. But will the havoc his twisted friend wreaks one unforgettable night, destroy their bliss forever? 

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