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When Angelle Cahill surrenders to a steamy encounter with a sexy older man and finds herself tangled in a web of desire and guilt, tragedy strikes unexpectedly. Pursuing her music dreams helps ease the pain. But it isn't until she crosses paths with gorgeous real estate investor Linc Davis that she feels sensually alive again.

With their insatiable sexual chemistry and strong spiritual connection, they are swept to the heights of emotions they have never felt before. But amid their intoxicating whirlwind of ecstasy, someone lurks in the shadows, Linc's friend, Pope. A guy from the neighborhood with a dark past, his lustful stares at Angelle give her sinister vibrations. She warns Linc to cut ties with him.

As Linc works to build his real estate empire, he works even harder to pleasure Angelle's beautiful body. Their passion is a spice of life he can't bear to let go of. But will the havoc his twisted friend wreaks one unforgettable night destroy their bliss forever?

Indulge in a tale of seduction, dreams, and danger in this sizzling romance novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat and yearning for more.


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