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If You Believe in Love...


Working various jobs to put her brothers through college didn't give Nia Lashon much time to pursue her dream of singing professionally. But when she takes a position as a maid with the strikingly handsome Roland Davenport in his beautiful mansion in St. Croix, Nia finally begins to believe she might just be able to have it all. For Roland not only gives her the inspiration to reach for her goals, but the passion she's always yearned for.

...Anything is Possible

Roland is a man driven to succeed. As the owner of a chain of Caribbean resorts, he's firmly convinced that he can't have a serious relationship and run his business. That is, until Nia comes into his life. Her sweet nature and drop-dead good looks touch Roland in ways no other woman ever has. Torn between his business obligations and his growing desire for Nia, Roland must make the hardest decision of his life...unless he can find a way to have the best of both worlds.

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