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Secrets . . . Passion . . . Dreams . . . Betrayal . . .


By the time Sierra Harper embarks on a singing career in New York, she has experienced such heartbreak in her young life that she can’t wait to start anew in the glamorous city. Successful restaurateur, Eldridge Briarwood, offers her a job, music biz contacts, and what she has always ached for—love. Seduced by him, she is filled with ecstasy like she has never known. Yet this man is not the man Sierra believes him to be. He betrays her in an unimaginable way.


But a dream coming true can turn everything around. As Sierra’s amazing voice electrifies a small-town club one night, she captivates a record executive with her talent. Stardom is imminent. Desire is part of the package. Now thriving in an exciting new world, Sierra stirs passion in two powerful men who happen to be the best of friends.


Caught up in the love of one man and elevated in her career by the other, the sultry songbird tastes the sweetest success. Until, that is, surprises rock her world. Strange incidents occur that shake and confuse her. A jealous label-mate even pits against Sierra with the ultimate act of spite. But nothing is as shocking as what waits on the road ahead when a family secret comes to light, and the man whom Sierra vowed to love forever, reveals what he is capable of!

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